Trixie Strategie-Spiel Review

I am always looking for ways to keep my dog’s mind working, so when I came across the Trixie Strategie-Spiel, Turn Around level 2, 22 x 33 x 18 cm I was delighted with the idea of giving Buddy a more challenging way to get his food.

With this puzzle-game, dogs have to figure out how to rotate the beakers to make their food/kibble/treats fall out. They can either use their paws or nose to rotate the beakers. There are 2 different types of lids for increasing difficulties.


Buddy loves this toy and it was great to see him really engage with the challenge of how to get his kibble. The different lids have meant that it’s still a puzzle for him one month on from when we initially bought it. It’s really easy to put together, doesn’t take up too much space, and the instructions booklet guides you through how to introduce the toy to your dog. It’s no wonder the game has such a high star ranking on Amazon!


While it’s a perfect fit for my medium-sized mix breed, I’m not sure what a larger dog would make of this (it’s only around 30cm tall). It also needs supervision, as I’ve found Buddy likes to chew the lids.

The base also isn’t very heavy so it might be worth putting something heavy on it to stop it tipping up.


This is a great game for building confidence in your dog, engaging their brain, and making them work for their food. I seen some great examples of people making their own version using wood and plastic bottles, but for those of us who are less DIY-minded Amazon sells it currently for £11.99. This is definitely a great way to keep dogs amused and I definitely recommend it, just don’t expect the most sturdy of products.

The Trixie Strategie-Spiel gets four paws from me and Buddy.

Check out the Strategie-Spiel on Amazon now. 

Have you used the Strategie-Spiel? Perhaps you’ve made your own? or used something similar? Let me know in the comments below.

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