About us


To bring dog owners and dog lovers in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas relevant, up-to-date information, reviews, and inspiration. A resource for living your best dog-friendly life in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties.

Dog and the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford


Hi! I’m Jen and I’m the founder of The Oxford Dog Blog. I started this website in summer 2018 as a way to find out fun dog-friendly things to do with my rescue pup Buddy.

As a dog owner living  in Oxford, I found myself constantly googling ‘dog-friendly things to do near Oxford’, ‘the best dog training class,’ ‘where can I take my dog in Oxfordshire’, ‘local dog products’ and was disheartened when the top result seemed to be an old trip advisor review saying ‘Dog-friendly…not Oxford’. Like me I’m sure you will be crying out at this – it’s just not true. In fact the opposite is true; the community of dog-owners and dog-businesses in Oxford and Oxfordshire is engaged and thriving. That’s why I started The Oxford Dog Blog, to connect dog-owners in the area with the information and services that they want. I do all the hard work, sniffing out dog-friendly spaces, trying out pubs, cafes, days out, and put this information on one easy to find website.

The aim of The Oxford Dog Blog is to bring together the wonderful community of dog owners and dog-lovers in Oxfordshire; all with optimism, a sense of humour, and a determination to experience everything dog-related in the local area.

The Oxford Dog Blog promise:

  1. I try everything out myself so that you can fully trust my opinions. There may be occasions where I haven’t been somewhere (mostly if the event hasn’t actually happened), but I will make that clear.
  2. I only work with brands, companies, and businesses that share my ethos and are relevant to my readers.
  3. I don’t believe in trashing places in my reviews – this blog is all about optimism! If a place isn’t good enough, then it simply won’t be featured. What did our mums say about not having anything nice to say about someone…?



Buddy, is my 4 year old mix-breed rescue dog. We aren’t sure exactly of his make-up, but we are fairly sure that he is mostly Staffy and Beagle. We welcomed him into our lives in May 2018, when his previous family couldn’t give him the life he needed.

Since then we have made him a promise: to take him on as many adventures as we can, to show him the wonders of the countryside, the joy of the sea, the pleasure of sofa cuddles after big walks, and the bond that comes with working together.

His ears are wonky and he sure can be vocal, but he brings me so much joy.